Sustainability and Responsibility

Reporting Suspected Misconduct

Actions that violate Senop’s ethical code, even if done with good intentions, can cause significant long-term damage to Senop’s reputation and lead to legal action against the company and its personnel. Any Senop employee acting in violation of the guidelines will face severe disciplinary measures, which may include termination of employment if necessary.

Ethical guidelines or other directives cannot cover all the situations that personnel may encounter in a complex business environment. In unclear situations, Senop employees are advised to discuss the matter with their immediate supervisor or the HR department, or seek advice from Patria’s legal department. Additionally, all personnel have an obligation to report to their supervisor or legal counsel any concerns about compliance with the guidelines and suspected breaches of the guidelines. Reporting can be done through the following channels:

  • Directly contacting the compliance officer.
  • Utilizing the SpeakUp reporting channel, which allows for anonymous reporting.

The rights and privacy of both the reporter and the individual suspected of misconduct are guaranteed in all situations. No negative employment actions or punishments shall be directed towards individuals reporting suspected misconduct. If a person who reported in good faith is subjected to disciplinary action, severe consequences will ensue. If necessary, the employment contract of the person who punished the reporter may be terminated.

Sustainability and Responsibility at Senop

Corporate Responsibility and Responsible Business

Our unwavering commitment to fair and ethical business practices and a culture of transparency guides everything we do as a company.

Financial Responsibility

We nurture and develop our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. Senop does not tolerate unethical or corrupt behavior from its personnel or business partners and actively works against it.

Environmental Policy

Senop is committed to operating according to the principles of sustainable development by responsibly utilizing natural resources, continuously improving its level of environmental protection, and preventing pollution.

Social Responsibility

Senop respects and promotes universal human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in its operations.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Senop conducts business only with reliable suppliers and subcontractors whose operations adhere to Senop’s ethical guidelines.