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Senop provides solutions for advanced hyperspectral imaging with ultimate precision. We provide a range of unique frame-based snapshot hyperspectral cameras. These high-performance devices allow defining the properties of different materials through quick and easy imaging. The cameras can be used in all research fields or commercial applications where data quality and quantity are important.


Hyperspectral Camera 500-900nm.

Senop HSC-2 Hyperspectral Camera 450-800nm

Hyperspectral Camera 500-900nm.

Senop HSC-2 Hyperspectral Camera 500-900nm

Hyperspectral Camera 500-900nm C-mount.

Senop HSC-2 Hyperspectral Camera 500-900nm C-mount

Accessories and upgrade packages

PerClass Mira spectral image interpret software

Senop Reflectance Targets

Senop Irradiance Sensor

HSC-2 Performance Upgrade Package

Hyperspectral Imaging is Highly Useful

Wide range of application areas

  • Remote sensing
  • Industrial use & machine vision
  • Smart agriculture & forestry
  • Academic research
  • Medical & life sciences
  • Space applications
  • Water research
  • Quality control
  • Situation awareness



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Sales & Marketing Director

Optics and Optronics

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