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News Senop has launched a new C-mounted hyperspectral camera

We have launched a new C-mounted hyperspectral camera. It operates in 500 – 900 nm spectral range and its features are basically as awesome as our normal HSC-2´s.

The standard C-mount interface takes a huge step forward and makes the HSC-2 the most versatile hyperspectral research tool ever! You can use standard C-mounted objectives or reach the hyperspectral research to microscopical level. Cells, tissues, bacteria or maybe even viruses can now be characterized with the hyperspectral camera. Together with the perClass Mira classification software we help scientists to fight for example against Covid-19.

Senop provides the tools, scientists provide the evidence!

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News Senop at Optics & Photonics Days 2020

Senop will present its products, services and technologies at Optics & Photonics Days 2020. The event is an annual central event in the area of Optics and Photonics in Finland.

Looking forward to seeing you!

News Senop at LIVE FIRING SHOW 2020

Senop will take part in the live demo exhibition LIVE FIRING SHOW 2020 which will be held in early October 2020 in Pabrade, Lithuania.

During the live show you will see our intelligent HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight and SENOP LILLY sensor in action. Teams will also use our new Night Vision Goggles M40 for fire operations and Senop AFCD and Senop Clip-On sight as weapon sights.

We are pleased to welcome yout to the event and our stand.

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Senop Optronics is the leading provider of Night Vision Devices and Target Acquisition and Observation Systems, Hyperspectral cameras and OEM modules, as well as high precision optics, in the Nordic countries.

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Senop Integration develops, designs and manufactures mobile shelter and vehicle based solutions for Defence and Security domains. Arctic Fox shelter system is highly mobile, tested and verified system platform for various purposes.

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