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By helping you see the unseen, we ensure that you always keep one step ahead. In modern warfare, up-to-date information and situational awareness are crucial factors for winning. In addition to dealing with the traditional elements, future battlefields will be multi-dimensional, rapidly changing and unpredictable. As a result, battlefields will become more technical. Our high-tech products are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure uncompromising reliability even in the most extreme conditions.

AFCD TI – Advanced Fire Control Device

Introducing a state-of-the-art integrated smart sight, the Advanced Fire Control Device Thermal Imager – AFCD TI.  The game changing sight is now availalbe for Carl-Gustaf M4 and M3 weapon system users!

Senop AFCD TI is one of the first intelligent sights on the market qualified for the Carl-Gustaf® M4 and M3 weapon systems and the only system which integrates all performance-critical features into one casing.

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Advanced sights and fire control systems

Enhance soldiers’ ability to fight in the dark. Our smart and accurate products ensure outstanding performance in all environments and conditions.

Dismounted soldier systems

Our products help soldiers make quick decisions and operate effectively in continuously changing operational scenarios.

Target acquisition and surveillance systems

Having an up-to-date situational awareness is critical on the battlefield. Our products provide exceptional situational awareness capabilities.

Vehicle vision systems

Our products ensure first-class performance and situational awareness in all conditions.

Shelter systems and platforms

Mobility plays an increasingly important role in various operations. The agile Arctic Fox system platform is made of aluminum, which reduces its total mass while maximizing its mobility.

Life-cycle services

See the unseen also in the future. Life-cycle services are a key in the overall performance of Senop’s products and services.

Integration services

Senop is a forerunner in situational awareness. We develop, design and manufacture mobile shelters and vehicle-based solutions for the defence and security domains.



Senop is a forerunner in situational awareness and provides the latest advanced sensor solutions and system platforms. Our sensor solutions such as NVGs, intelligent weapon sights, target acquisition and surveillance systems, vehicle and unmanned vision systems and hyperspectral imaging solutions operate in a networked environment to create and enhance situational awareness.



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