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Secure your communications with our intelligent private network solutions that provide businesses and communities with secure, reliable and fast channels for everyday communications and emergencies. Encrypted messaging is critical especially for organizations that have multiple offices and a need for an updating operation status, such as industrial manufacturers and areas, transportation, ports, and airports.


Reliable and quick messaging in ALL SITUATIONS

  • Surprising changes in weather, such as storms or freezing conditions
  • Outages in water, heating, or electricity
  • Fires or other evacuation situations
  • Occupational safety hazards in e.g., industrial complexes
  • Accidents with dangerous substances
  • Missing persons, injuries or other accidents
  • Illnesses or epidemics
  • Violence, vandalism or other threatening situations
  • Acts of terrorism

Intelligent network solution with full flexibility

Control your operations everywhere

Senop Communications’ PRIVAATTI is an intelligent network solution that provides businesses and communities with a secure, reliable and fast communications channel for everyday communications and emergencies. It is especially well-suited for internal communications and communications between different stakeholders. Messaging groups can be created and sorted by individuals, work roles or location. Users can access the private network with existing smartphones or TETRA equipment such as hand-held radios.

  • PRIVAATTI – Designed for multiple locations
    PRIVAATTI is well-suited for businesses with operations in different geographical locations that require a safe and reliable communications network. The PRIVAATTI solution includes a base station and up to 25 access points according to required range, plus all required equipment, frequencies, applications and expert services.
  • PRIVAATTI Light – Designed for single location
    PRIVAATTI Light is an encrypted network solution designed for single geographical locations such as industrial areas, blocks or event areas. It includes a base station and the desired number of hand-held radios. PRIVAATTI Light is a cost-effective solution for limited local communication needs.


save resources and money in everyday operations

  • Encrypted and reliable network
  • Easy-to-use and quick messaging platform for group messaging
  • Communications for broad or restricted user groups
  • Safety for solitary workers
  • Quick messaging platform for requesting help or instructions in emergencies
  • Functionalities for contacting rescue authorities directly
  • Sense of safety for customers and employees
  • Communication with smartphones or TETRA equipment
  • Locating users



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