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We rent and lease VIRVE equipment for short time periods or long-term use. Our broad selection of modern communications equipment ensures we can find you the solutions that suit your operations best.



Senop’s VIRVE rental equipment always features the latest software updates and radios. All rental devices are thoroughly tested for guaranteed carefree operation and ease of use.

We have the capability to quickly arrange a package solution of up to 150 VIRVE devices. Our rental service includes different accessory options such as earphones, adapter chargers and hearing protector headsets.

VIRVE equipment rental includes:

  • VIRVE radio equipment
  • VIRVE subscription
  • Radio programming as specified by customer

Our flexible rental service includes programming and the creation of different necessary talk groups for e.g., contacting different officials. Our rental service is ideal for different officials, sporting events, motor shows, concerts and festivals plus security providers. We also train users in the usage of the equipment if necessary.

Read more about our renting service (in Finnish)


Adaptability FOR unique needs

Leasing is a carefree and easy solution for getting high-quality mobile communication equipment for a set time period. Leasing means you always have the latest equipment without having to invest capital into devices that may become obsolete over time. Our broad selection of equipment ensures that you can choose the devices that best match your needs.

Senop leases VIRVE equipment, smartphones, hand-held radios and vehicle radios. Our leasing contracts range from 24 to 36 months. Maintenance is always included in the leasing service. All devices are professionally wiped and/or disposed securely at the end of the leasing period.

  • Know what you are paying for – ease of budgeting
  • No invested capital
  • Carefree leasing – maintenance is included in the price

Read more about our leasing service (in Finnish)

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