Nordic quality for

Electro-Optical Components

No matter if you want to measure alcohol, oil, paper or paper mass qualities, we will provide the LED modules and optical detectors you need. Senop specializes in customized projects including component sourcing, prototyping and volume production for industrial use. We have decades of experience in packing electronic modules and our highly qualified experts are ready to meet even your most challenging needs. Our high level of in-house design guarantees consistent reliability and extended operational capability even in harsh conditions.


Optodetector module.

Senop Advanced Multichannel Optodetectors

LED module.

Senop Custom LED Modules

Our module packages are hermetically sealed in nitrogen, enhancing your operations in even the most challenging conditions and environments.



Juha Falck

Sales & Marketing Director

Optics and Optronics

+358 (0)40 315 7217
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