Terrafame: Senop’s high-quality products and long-term cooperation improve occupational safety and raise production figures

Author: Emilia Särkiniemi / Photo: Terrafame

In the mining industry, the working conditions put the equipment to an extremely severe test. The high performance and reliability of Senop’s products in extreme conditions is guaranteed, as they are designed for use by the Defence Forces and other demanding customers. This is important for customers such as the multi-metal company Terrafame Oy.

Senop helps Terrafame ensure that working in the company’s industrial site is safe and efficient. At the same time, the carbon footprint of operations is reduced.

“We wanted high-quality, technically reliable technology designed for extremely harsh conditions. When the equipment is made for the needs of the Finnish Defence Forces, the requirement level is high indeed,” says Pekka Vornanen, Department Manager at Terrafame, who is responsible for the reclaiming of leaching heaps.

“Furthermore, we preferably engage in business with a Finnish partner. Whenever we have needed, we have been flexibly provided with consultation on-site.

Terrafame’s operations are planned for decades ahead. Senop is part of the Millog companies, and the common, broad shoulders give assurance that long-term cooperation will continue. The total offering of Millog companies and Patria, the principal owner of Millog, will continue to serve the needs of the mining industry, among others – comprehensive service and versatile expertise will be at the customers’ disposal whenever needed.

Millog companies and Patria have a comprehensive network of offices, so the customers have skilled specialists available close at hand. The dialogue is continuous, and the customer may, for example, visit the service facilities on-site if they so wish.

Thanks to Senop’s cameras, work can be done without interruption

Terrafame has purchased camera systems from Senop for its surface miners, bulldozers, excavators and wheel loaders. Currently, 18 vehicles are provided with a total of 36 thermal imagers.

Terrafame’s metal recovery process is based on bioleaching. The ore that has been crushed into small particles is first stacked on the so-called primary heaps, from where it is transferred in a continuous cycle to the so-called secondary heaps. On the heaps, 100-tonne wheel loaders and other large vehicles work in a cramped area, so it is very important for drivers to see both the terrain and the adjacent machines. However, a very thick fog often prevents seeing with unaided eye. Tens of millions of tonnes of crushed ore go thought the leaching process, and during the frost season in particular, hot material steams up so that machine operators cannot see out of the window at all.

“We do the work safely or not at all. For this reason, we previously had to repeatedly interrupt the reclaiming work, and it was virtually impossible for us to achieve our production targets. Thermal imagers have yielded a major difference in production figures, as there are no more interruptions due to fog,” Pekka Vornanen says.

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