Senop HUSKY Thermal Imager

Rugged thermal imager system for harsh environments

Senop HUSKY Thermal Imager is suitable for various types of vehicles. It can be installed in all vehicle or vessel types regardless of environmental conditions or purpose of use.
HUSKY Thermal Imager provides real-time, high-quality image and enhanced operational capabilities with an alternative field-of-view for the demanding and rapidly variable conditions encountered by drivers. The system may include one or several uncooled HUSKY Thermal Imagers, displays and a user-friendly control panel.

  • Real-time, high-quality image
  • Short system start-up time
  • User-friendly operating panel
  • Suitable for various vehicle types
  • Easy integration to vehicle systems
  • Support for multiple cameras and displays
  • Various fields of view available
  • Rugged design for demanding environments
  • Reliable long-term support and maintenance throughout the product life-cycle

HUSKY Thermal Imager can be easily customized or integrated to almost any vehicle to meet exact customer requirements.



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