The state-of-the-art Senop LILLY upgraded to the next level to meet the requirements of even more professional users – Software, GNSS and LRF updates show the continuous development in established LILLY system

The Finnish military optronics manufacturer Senop will be showcasing the upgraded Senop LILLY target acquisition and observation system at DSEI 2023 London.

Senop LILLY target acquisition device has gone through plenty of remarkable updates to keep up with the high requirements of professional end-users. LILLYs energy management is smarter and power consumption more efficient, added satellite navigation and wireless communication systems make it a powerful situational awareness sensor on the field and an updated Laser Range Finder with an extended range up to 20km. New software enables the laying of a mortar section without aiming for a circle or other measuring devices. If GNSS is not available, LILLY can be used to determine your own location from known coordinate points and even to call for fire directly from mortar and artillery units. LILLY uses a new DMC module, which has been heavily tested in the harsh northern conditions.

The Finnish Defence Force continues to trust the high-quality products and maintenance capabilities of Senop and Senop has received a large order from the Finnish Defence Force for new Senop LILLY devices. With new software features, identifying targets with the target library, generating reconnaissance reports, and operating remotely on observation post will be made easier and faster for users. LILLY´s improvements in energy management and low power consumption are important features, especially during the long and cold winter season.

You can find the improved Senop LILLY and more information at the DSEI 2023 London stand H7 – 120

For further information, contact: Juha Falck, Sales Director, Senop Oy, tel. +358 40 315 7217, email: