Senop to supply more HUSKY FCTS weapon sights to the Finnish Defence Forces

Senop Oy has received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command to continue to deliver HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sights (HUSKY FCTS) to the Finnish Defence Forces.

HUSKY FCTS is a multi-functional weapon sight for support weapons, like automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. It can be used also with vehicle mounted weapon systems. HUSKY FCTS consist of an uncooled thermal sight, a laser range finder, a GPS, an IMU, a digital magnetic compass and a ballistic computer.

HUSKY FCTS enables 24/7 operation capability, increases first round hit probability, lethality and reduces gunner fatigue. The gunner measures the distance to the target and then the ballistic computer automatically calculates the aiming point using distance to the target, ammunition’s ballistic tables, the temperature, and measured terrain angle. After having the aiming crosshair, the gunner moves it on the target and fires. HUSKY FCTS can also be used for programming 40 mm Airburst ammunitions. For more information about the technical characteristics of the device, see the website and product animation.

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Further information: Aki Korhonen, Managing Director, Senop Oy, tel. +358 20 734 3500 (switchboard),

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