Senop showcases its enhanced night vision systems with Patria at the IDEX 2023

Senop is participating as a part of the Patria Group in the IDEX 2023 exhibition held in Abu Dhabi on 20 – 24 February 2023. In the event, Senop will showcase its high-performance night vision systems at the Patria stand 08-B19.

We at Senop enable reliable situational awareness as well as increased firepower and mobility even in the most extreme conditions. Senop’s Defence & Security portfolio consists of high-performance image intensifiers, night sights, intelligent thermal sights, handheld target acquisition and observation systems, vehicle camera systems, and multipurpose container-based platform solutions.

At the IDEX 2023 Senop showcases the following capabilities in dismounted soldier systems, observation systems and intelligent thermal sights:

Senop LILLY is a compact target acquisition and observation system that has exceptional situational awareness capabilities with advanced energy management. Versatile connectivity and communication options together with a high-performance thermal imager and an extended LRF range improve the performance even further. LILLY is specifically designed for urban operations and for use by special forces and reconnaissance units.

Senop EVA night vision goggle is designed to provide enhanced night vision capability for soldiers in demanding battlefield conditions. A lightweight and robust optic with an equally durable mounting system together with low total system weight and a short structure provides superior weight balance and ensures comfortability during use.

Senop LUKE Tactical Laser Sight is a high-performance laser sight with a visible laser, an IR laser and an IR illuminator. It has long operating hours and it can be used in both daytime and night-time operations. The sight has an integrated user interface and a remote-control interface for optimal usability in different weapon applications. Senop LUKE Soldier’s Laser Sight is a simple, single-wavelength laser-aiming device which allows soldiers to open fire faster and with improved accuracy compared to traditional iron sights. Both laser sights provide maximal operating hours with secured power source availability.

HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight (HUSKY FCTS) is a smart and accurate weapon sight with an integrated uncooled thermal imager, eye-safe laser rangefinder, global positioning system, inertial measurement unit, digital magnetic compass, and a ballistic computer. HUSKY FCTS provides a high first-hit probability in all environmental conditions.

We design and develop our devices to be easy to use, energy efficient and as modular as possible. Modular designing benefits our customers in a most cost-effective way by increasing the life cycle of the devices and  systems.

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Senop is a trusted Finnish provider of high-performance night vision devices and demanding system integration services as well as critical communications solutions for the defence and security sector. Senop’s mission is to enable reliable situational awareness as well as increased firepower and mobility even in the most extreme conditions for their customers.

Senop provides high-performance night vision devices designed for harsh operation environments, intelligent sensor technology-based solutions and demanding turn-key system integration services, as well as secure communications solutions and services for customers in the defence, security and critical infrastructure industries. Employing nearly 70 professionals in four locations, Senop is a part of the Patria Group.