Senop relies on Soldier Centric development

The input from professional military end users in the field is essential to Senop.

The Soldier is an integrated weapons platform; the squad is an integrated combat platform, and anything added to the platform must enhance the performance of the system in its entirety, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We want to support soldiers to be more agile, more survivable, and more lethal. Ultimately, we want to make sure they win the combat and come home safely.

Our state-of-the-art image intensifier (Senop EVA 40 NVG) and laser sights (Senop LUKE laser sights) were developed and designed in a soldier centric way with Finnish Defence Forces. Real end users, the soldiers, participated in the development work of these equipment, over and over and over, through regular field-testing events. The “test-fix-test” cycle has been used to finalize the functionality and usability of the devices. FDF Army Combat School conducted the field-tests and Senop’s professionals supported operations in the field, thus completing the ergonomics and durability of the devices. Through this collaboration, the end user has also been able to develop their tactical and technical procedures during the process.

The design and development principles have been same while finalizing AFCD TI intelligent sight for Carl-Gustaf M4/M3. The ultimate goal with AFCD TI is to increase the first round hit probability, the lethality of the system and reduce the gunner fatigue in stressed combat environment.

Senop EVA 40 NVG is one of the lightest high-performance NVGs on the market. The Senop EVA 40 utilises cutting-edge aspheric, high-precision glass optics combined with the state-of-the-art composite materials to provide a high level of usability and performance.

Senop LUKE Soldier’s Laser Sight is a light, simple, and robust laser sight to withstand high recoils and extremely challenging use in military conditions. Senop LUKE Tactical Laser Sight is a multi-functional laser sight with a visible laser, an IR laser, and an IR illuminator.

Senop AFCD TI is the first fully integrated fire control system provided with a ballistic calculator, a laser range finder and both a day camera and a thermal imager in the same casing. AFCD TI is the lightest fire control system for Carl-Gustaf on the market. The device weighs only 1.5 kg and it’s designed and built to meet highest usability requirements.