Senop elected as the Photonics Company of the Year 2022 by Photonics Finland

Senop was awarded as the Photonics Company of the Year 2022 at the Photonics & Optics Days in Joensuu. Kim Grundström, the new chairman of the Photonics Finland shared the Best Photonics Company of the Year award to Senop’s CTO, Ph.D. Jussi Rautiainen.

Senop provides comprehensive optoelectronics, demanding integration services and critical communication services and equipment. Safety and defense was one of the main themes at OPD 2023, as the importance of photonics applications in the field continues to grow. It is an honor to receive this coveted award. Being selected as the Photonics Company of the Year reflects Senop’s growth, success and timely presence in the industry. “I’d like to thank our team for these past years and the expertise and hard work they have done. Their efforts are what earned us this award”, CTO Jussi Rautiainen celebrates.

“Even though the defence and security industry is under pressure to provide material quickly, we cannot forget what the core of our products is and that is high quality optics and photonics”, Jussi Rautiainen says. “We continue to maintain a high level of quality and precision in all our products, weather they are going to military or industrial use. But even though defence is a timely topic, we continue to serve all industrial optics needs”, Senop´s CEO Aki Korhonen continues.

During this year, a transfer of assets has been made between Senop and its parent company Millog. Starting from June 2023, Senop will have full in-house production capability and increased personnel resources. “With this transfer, we can start to further develop our production to dynamically answer to the current increased demand of optoelectrical devices,” Aki Korhonen concludes.