Senop develops state-of-the-art target acquisition systems

Senop LISA and LILLY are versatile target acquisition and observation sensors for daytime and night-time use. Both devices feature a direct-view channel for daytime use, an uncooled thermal imager, a laser rangefinder, a digital magnetic compass, a CCD camera, and it utilize several Global Navigation Satellite Systems including GPS and Galileo.

Senop LISA has been in operational use with the Finnish Defence Forces since 2015. Now the Finnish Defense Forces have decided to upgrade their existing LISA fleet. The purchase order includes new Extended Range Laser Range Finders and thermal modules, and significant updates to the software. With the Mid-Life Update, the LISA will get the same capabilities as the LILLY Gen2.

Senop designs and develops its devices as modular as possible. Modularity enables updating new efficient components, sub systems and software during the whole life cycle of the device. That is a cost-effective way to increase the operational life cycle of the system. The LISA MLU shows Senops ability to maintain the performance of its devices in accordance with the operating environment and guarantee long life cycles of the systems.


The Senop LILLY was first introduced as a prototype in Autumn 2017. LILLY’s benefits compared to its predecessor LISA were lighter weight (half of the weight compared to LISA), better thermal imager, more capable LRF, and multifaceted software for target acquisition and surveillance operations. In the autumn of 2020, the Finnish Defence Forces signed a contract to procure LILLY Gen1 for Army mortar units. Since then, a lot of work has been done to upgrade LILLY handheld target acquisition and surveillance system to the next generation (LILLY Gen2) and to meet the high requirements of end-users.

The exterior and user interface of the Senop LILLY Gen2 have remained the same as Gen1, but the performance of Gen2 has increased significantly compared to LILLY Gen1. New high quality thermal imager, Extended Range LRF (>20 km) and multiple new software functions improves the performance and capabilities of the LILLY Gen2 tremendously. LILLY uses a new DMC module, which has been heavily tested in the most demanding northern conditions.


New software features ensure the usability of the LILLY Gen2 in different situation and even when a GNSS connection is not available. The LILLY Gen2 can be used to measure accurate firing positions for weapon systems, such as artillery or mortars. New software enables laying a mortar section and calibration of deflection without an aiming circle or other measuring devices. Even in a case of GNSS failure, LILLY Gen2 can be used to determine its own location from known coordinate points and even to call fire directly from a mortar. Continuous improvement never stops, and software upgrades are constantly developed. Improvements in LILLY Gen2s energy management and low power consumption are important features especially during long missions and in cold conditions.

A cornerstone of Finland’s military capability is its extremely powerful artillery and heavy mortar units. Effective use of artillery and mortar units requires high-performance target acquisition devices. To support these long range capabilities and their users, Senop has developed its state-of-the-art target acquisition and observation sensors together with FDF Forward Observer instructors. In 2023 the FDF Logistics Command placed a significant order for LILLY GEN2 target acquisition devices. The high requirements of the FDF and professional end users were met and Senop continues to enhance the Finnish Military capabilities.