PerClass Mira spectral image interpret software

Fully compatible with Senop HSC-2 hyperspectral camera

PerClass Mira allows anyone to create and deploy automatic interpretation solutions without programming or machine learning expertise. Mira is designed for commodity hardware and does not require powerful computer workstations. Senop HSC-2 hyperspectral camera is fully compatible with PerClass MIRA spectral image interpret software.

Interpretation use cases range from object detection to object classification and quality. Mira provides feedback and suggestions on the places where additional labeling can help to improve the model. By reducing the need for blind labeling, Mira saves training time and improves the quality of the model.

  • Easy to use, provides results in minutes
  • Automatic model building that uses state-of-the-art machine learning
  • Intuitive and precise labeling and annotation tools
  • High-quality labeling with Active Learning guidance
  • Better models learned from and validated on multiple images
  • Interactive performance fine tuning based on application requirements

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The easiest user interface for interpreting spectral images.



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