hsc-2 hyperspectral camera performance upgrade package

The HSC-2 Performance Upgrade Package provides our hyperspectral camera users with enhanced data in every condition and even more dynamic images. With this upgrade, we can improve your HSC-2 performance even further!

The performance upgrade package includes a full HSC-2 camera inspection. The HSC-2 will be calibrated with our recently enhanced calibration process and upgraded with the latest firmware. A functionality test report will be sent to you along with the camera.

Benefits of the HSC-2 Performance Upgrade Package:

• Further developed calibration process will improve the performance and you will achieve more precise data when your camera is fully upgraded.
• Enhanced black level noise reduction will create even more accurate data and images will have even wider dynamic range.
• A full inspection is carried out on the camera to ensure its flawless functionality.
• To ensure quality, functionality and service, we also provide a functionality test report.
• Camera performance is more repeatable and independent of environment temperature, lighting conditions or exposure time.
• Effects caused by Fabry-Perot filter FWHM variations and filter order changes are compensated more precisely and are less visible also with continuous spectra.
• Effects caused by a lack of light in wavelengths where sensors are switched are reduced.

Please note that the performance upgrade package does not include any spare parts, but if during the functionality check it appears that the camera needs additional spare parts or maintenance, we will contact you.

Make sure that your camera is future-proof and contact us for more details.

make sure that your hsc-2 hyperspectral camera is future-proof!



We are here to answer any questions you may have. We will gladly provide you with further information.

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