Enhancing dismounted infantry capabilities to a whole new level – Smart Thermal Imager sights redefining squad level performance

The Finnish military optronics manufacturer Senop will be showcasing the new cutting-edge smart sight at DSEI 2023 London.

The Senop AFCD TI is a one-of-a-kind fire control system for the already capable Carl-Gustaf (M3 and M4/M3E1) and an anticipated innovation in the field of integrated optoelectronics. The AFCD TI is the first sight in the world for the Carl-Gustaf weapon system that can internally do ballistic and lead calculation and has both thermal and day cameras, all in the same casing.

By using its internal sensors and calculating a predicted aiming crosshair for the operator, the AFCD TI increases the first-round hit probability, decreases the time of engagement, and drastically reduces aiming errors. These factors are key for the weapon system operators and a well-executed and successful shot and retreat can be the difference between life and death.

The AFCD TI is a real game changer and a prime example of the close and efficient co-operation between Senop and Saab and it is available for the Carl-Gustaf users after final qualifications in 2023.

You can find the AFCD TI sight and more information at the DSEI 2023 London stand H7 – 120.

For further information, contact: Juha Falck, Sales Director, Senop Oy, tel. +358 40 315 7217, email: juha.falck@senop.fi.