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News Senop showcases HUSKY FCTS and SENOP AVD at EUROSATORY 2018

Senop will attend the EUROSATORY 2018 event on June 11-15 in Paris showcasing its latest innovations: The smart and accurate HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight (FCTS) and the SENOP Advanced Vehicle Display (AVD) are integrated into PATRIA´s new armoured vehicle being launched at PATRIA´s stand in Hall 6, 260/300. The event will be held at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

The Senop Advanced Vehicle Display is a compact and durable video display unit, specially designed for military vehicles with limited space and for use in harsh environments. It can be used as a part of the driver’s vision system and connected to any analog or digital video sources (e.g. day / thermal camera). The display is easy to integrate with various driver’s periscopes using a custom adapter.  Thanks to a high-resolution OLED display module and precision optics, the display provides comfortable viewing thereby relieving eye strain. 

The HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight is a smart and accurate weapon sight. A single push of a key is enough to rapidly calculate the aiming dot by using distance, ammunition ballistic tables, temperature and measured terrain angles. The HUSKY FCTS is ideal for a wide range of ammunition and weapon applications including heavy weapons, remote weapon stations and reconnaissance and observation systems and it can be easily customized in order to meet exact customer requirements and needs.

More information on our products can be found on our website.

News Senop to supply integrated command post shelters for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Senop Oy has signed a contract with the Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS for the supply of the integrated command post shelters. The contract is a continuation for a long term co-operation between Kongsberg and Senop. The deliveries will take place in 2019. The total value of the contract is not published.

The new contract emphasizes Senop´s high capability to supply advanced light-weight command shelter solutions, their system integration and the punctuality with the deliveries in the previous programs with Kongsberg.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is Norway's premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems. The portfolio comprises products and systems for command and control, weapons guidance and surveillance, communications solutions and missiles.

Senop Oy, Finland, is a fully owned subsidiary of Millog Oy. Senop develops and constructs reliable equipment and systems for safety- and security-critical applications. The company's business areas are Integration and Optronics. Millog and senop are part of Patria group. Read more

Further information:
Mika Räty, Managing Director, Senop Oy, tel. +358 400 208 023
Tapani Nippala, Business Unit Director, Integration, Senop Oy, tel. +358 400 320 785

News Introducing the Senop HAMSTER Energy Harvesting System

We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to HUSKY Product Family: The Senop HAMSTER Energy Harvesting System is a smart and modular external power source system with the capability of harvesting energy from any available power source such as solar panels, vehicle power systems or aggregates. With the Senop HAMSTER, the user is able to achieve 24/7 usability and exceed the needs of today´s operations with very few batteries to carry on operation.

Read more about the Senop Hamster on our Website or contact our Sales.

News Introducing new HUSKY product family accessories

The HUSKY Product Family also offers several accessories such as

- the smart and modular external power source system Senop HAMSTER Energy Harvesting System,
- the portable nitrogen purging station Senop TravelMate,
- the accurate Senop GPS-Compass,
- Senop Indoor Battery Chargers for NiMH or Lion batteries and
- robust and reliable Senop MIL-grade battery chargers.

Read more about available accessories on our website or contact our Sales (Optronics).

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Senop Optronics is the leading provider of Night Vision Devices and Target Acquisition and Observation Systems, RIKOLA Hyperspectral cameras and OEM modules, as well as high precision optics, in the Nordic countries.

HUSKY Product Family

RIKOLA Product Family

Senop Integration

Senop Integration develops, designs and manufactures mobile shelter and vehicle based solutions for Defence and Security domains. Arctic Fox shelter system is highly mobile, tested and verified system platform for various purposes.

Arctic Fox Product Family

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Pekka Nupponen Sales Director, Optronics (HUSKY Products) Mob. +358 40 315 7728 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Tapani Nippala Business Unit Director, Integration Mob. +358 400 320 785 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Jukka Jaatinen Business Unit Director, Optronics Mob. +358 400 688 914 Tel. +358 20 7343 500

Mika Räty Managing Director Mob. +358 400 208 023 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Timo Vuorenpää Technology Director, Optronics Mob. +358 40 315 7018 Tel. +358 20 7343 500

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