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News Senop launches three new innovations at DSEI 2017

Senop will showcase its latest innovations for increased mobility, performance and situational awareness at DSEI 2017 exhibition in London.

Senop´s lightweight hand-held multipurpose observation and surveillance system Senop LILLY, an intelligent HUSKY Fire Control Thermal Sight, as well as an agile shelter system ARCTIC FOX, will be presented at Senop stand, Finnish Pavilion (N3-454) at the DSEI 2017 exhibition on September 12 - 15.

More information: Senop offers greater advantage to its customers with three new innovations at DSEI 2017

News Senop expands its sensor expertise

Senop Oy has acquired as an asset deal Rikola Ltd Oy, a company that is specialised in optoelectronics and is located in Oulu. Senop is expanding its operations in the field of optoelectronics and the new acquisition creates new business opportunities both in Finland and abroad.

Rikola Ltd Oy has developed and manufactured optical spectroscopy components and devices for industry and research institutes. The products consist of customer-specific sensor modules, hyperspectral cameras and OEM device manufacturing. The customers are international companies and research institutes at the top of their field. Senop’s and Rikola’s current operations support each other, providing considerable technical synergies.  

Rikola’s expertise combined with Senop’s strong optronics know-how reinforces Senop’s ability to develop new high-quality products for customers in defence, security and civilian sectors. With the acquisition, Senop’s current customer base in industry and research institutions will also grow significantly.

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Senop Optronics is the leading provider of Night Vision Devices and Target Acquisition and Observation Systems, RIKOLA Hyperspectral cameras and OEM modules, as well as high precision optics, in the Nordic countries.

HUSKY Product Family

RIKOLA Product Family

Senop Integration

Senop Integration develops, designs and manufactures mobile shelter and vehicle based solutions for Defence and Security domains. Arctic Fox shelter system is highly mobile, tested and verified system platform for various purposes.

Arctic Fox Product Family

Integration services



Pekka Nupponen Sales Director, Optronics (HUSKY Products) Mob. +358 40 315 7728 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Tapani Nippala Business Unit Director, Integration Mob. +358 400 320 785 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Jukka Jaatinen Business Unit Director, Optronics Mob. +358 400 688 914 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Tiina Kuula Sales Director, Integration Mob. +358 50 570 6500 Tel. +358 20 7343 500

Jussi Soukkamäki Sales Director, Optronics (RIKOLA Products) Mob. +358 50 358 3516 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Mika Räty Managing Director Mob. +358 400 208 023 Tel. +358 20 7343 500
Timo Vuorenpää Technology Director, Optronics Mob. +358 40 315 7018 Tel. +358 20 7343 500

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