Senop introduces an agile system platform for mobile operations

Senop will introduce its new innovative ARCTIC FOX at the DSEI exhibition in London on 12th-15th September 2017. ARCTIC FOX is an agile and safe system platform for shelter-based command and control systems.

Mobility brings major advantage

The new product was born as a result of a long and thorough product development process. The most important criteria was maximum mobility.

– During the last years, the advancements in technology coupled with the corresponding developments of materials have hugely increased mobility in operations. To create advantage for our customers, we paid particular attention to weight. Thanks to material selection and precise structural planning, we were able to make the system platform extremely light. ARCTIC FOX is made of aluminium, which reduces its total mass, says Mika Räty, Senop’s Managing Director.  

– Being lightweight, ARCTIC FOX can be transported by smaller vehicles that are extremely mobile. The equipped 10 foot shelter system can be transported by 4×4 vehicles. The shelter system weight is only 1000 kg.

ARCTIC FOX is designed in accordance with the ISO-668 standard and can be supplied with a STANAG 2413 compliant hooklift interface. The standard solutions in the product family are the 10 and 20 foot products. In addition, we can manufacture customised products quickly and cost-effectively owing to the modular structure of the shelter system.

Fits requirements – even if they change by mission

Every customer has their own requirements with regard to command and control or mission systems to be integrated, as well as equipment required. ARCTIC FOX has therefore been designed to be easily customised and adapted to customer needs.

The interior of the system platform is designed so that the customer can easily adapt the layout of the equipment. There are ready interfaces for hardware, consoles, and workstations for client systems

Standardised interfaces also allow for reusablity of the shelter system based on specific mission needs so that it is easy to change the equipment based on the mission. It can for example house a fire control centre, a platform for electronic warfare systems, or various surveillance systems. It is also suitable for use as command post at the tactical level.

Operator safety ensures efficiency

ARCTIC FOX is designed and built to operate in the harshest conditions. The operating temperature range is from -40ºC to + 55ºC. Almost 100% humidity does not prevent operation e.g. in the jungle. In all environmental conditions, the system platform provides an internal temperature stability of ±1.5ºC of the setpoint no later than 1.5 hours after starting the system. When the operators’ comfort is optimal, they are able to perform their work safely and efficiently.

The Arctic Fox shelter system complies with European Union directives and is CE- approved.

CBRN protection and ballistic protection are available as options to achieve additional safety when required.

Radiated and conducted emissions and immunity have been verified in accordance with MIL-STD-461 in addition to respective IEC standards. This guarantees system operation even in severe interference fields. The ARCTIC FOX shelter system attenuation is at least 60dB up to 18GHz. It is also possible to work in the container on the move.

For more information, please contact:

Ms Tiina Kuula

Sales Director, Integration

tel. +358 50 570 6500

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